Apple iPhone 12 unveiled With exciting features

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Confirmed leaks from many sources about a new phone called the Apple iPhone 12 in 2020 and will come with awesome specifications and capabilities as it comes with an Apple A14 Bionic hex processor with a precision of seven nanometers plus.


It is certain that the triple rear camera will come of high quality, but the specifications of the cameras have not yet been determined, along with a dual front camera.


The timing of the release of the new Apple iPhone 12 during October 13, 2020, at 10 am PDT (5 PM UTC)


We will display the specifications and prices of the next mobile through our site, Specifications Plus, in which all phones are displayed with a display of specifications, prices, advantages, and disadvantages of phones in all sincerity with continuous follow-up of updates.


Apple iPhone 12 mobile specifications

  • The front camera will come with high performance, and you can take high-quality selfies.
  • Primary camera with triple sensors and settings
  • The battery will come in strong, as the battery power is 2227 mAh, as it will last for a long time without interruption or separation.
  • Besides the fast charging feature and the ability to play music for 80 hours.
  • The mobile phone is a good six-core processor.
  • Apple A14 Bionic phone processor with a precision of seven nanometers Plus.
  • The Apple GPU quad-core graphics processor
  • It is expected that three different versions of the iPhone 12 will be available in terms of internal memory space, reaching 512/256/128 GB.
  • The size of the random memory is 4 GB RAM.
  • The mobile screen is AMOLED, with a scratch-resistant glass protection layer.
  • Besides the ability to resist oils, paint, and fingerprints.
  • The upcoming Apple iPhone 12 supports two nano-SIM cards.
  • Bluetooth phone comes with the fifth version, which is the latest version.
  • Colors the upcoming phone will provide blue, white, black, yellow, red, purple, and light orange.
  • The design of the smartphone is similar to that of the flagship phones.



RAM and internal memory features for Apple iPhone 12


The RAM is high and the size of the RAM is 4 GB. It enables the operation of large applications and games strongly.

There are three versions of the internal memory, up to 512/256/128 GB, where you can store a lot of files, photos, videos, and documents without the need for internal memory.

Apple iPhone 12 processor, Apple A14 Bionic, with seven nm plus precision

The phone is a good hex-core processor.


Apple iPhone 12 mobile price

For the 64 GB entry-level version, the price reaches 699 USD.

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