Technical review of the “IMac 2020” laptop from Apple

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Technical review of the “IMac 2020” laptop from Apple

The 27-inch iMac 2020 is the latest Apple computer in its distinct set of all-in-one, providing a number of great upgrades that will particularly attract those who work from home, which is increasing due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

While we were hoping for a new iMac in 2020, the Apple upgrade exceeded our expectations in many ways, giving the 27-inch “iMac 2020” the latest 10th generation Intel Comet Lake processors

fast solid-state drives (SSD) across all corners. the world.

In addition to the board, powerful AMD Radeon Pro graphics and 128 GB of RAM.

There’s also a new 1080p Face Time HD webcam and studio-quality microphones. This is great news for anyone who has been making a lot of video calls lately.

However, while the specifications will impress many of us,

anyone expecting a drastic change in design will be disappointed;

The 27-inch iMac looks exactly like previous models.

Price and Availability:

The 27-inch iMac 2020 was put up for sale at the moment when Apple announced it, which means that you can order one now through Apple while following the actual Apple Store stores and authorized Apple distributors.

The 27-inch iMac 2020 continues to dazzle consumers by launching it at the same price as the previous generation,

which means that the new model is sold at $ 1799.

Although the basic 27-inch iMac configurations are pricey, they are cheaper than the Microsoft SurfaceStudio 2 laptop, for example, and the 2020 iMac comes with Apple all-in-one with much better components for the most part. .

the design:

As mentioned earlier, the design of the new 27-inch iMac remains largely unchanged from the previous models,

except that with the move to SSD storage, the device is slightly lighter. The only other noticeable difference in the design is that the Retina 5K display now comes with nano glass,

but this is an additional choice.

Other than that, the look and dimensions of the new “iMac 2020” is the same as previous models, and even the most enthusiastic “Apple” fans will likely realize that this is due to a little update.

The current design has been around since 2012 (this was a relatively slight tweak from the design used since 2009), and although it is older than other computer designs of the period, it is beginning to look at its age in some ways.

For example, the edges surrounding the screen look especially old these days, when competing for all-in-one computers use thinner bezels that make them look modern and keep the overall size down.

The screen itself is the same as last year’s model;

So you’ll get a 27-inch Retina 5K display with a resolution of 5.120 x 2880,

along with 500 nits of brightness and support for P3 wide color gamut, this makes it an excellent machine for photo and video editors.

The screen also comes with True Tone technology,

which is also found in iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks, and the True Tone adjusts the screen color temperature depending on the ambient light used in it.

The idea is that this will provide more vibrant colors while reducing eye strain.

The biggest change to the 27-inch “iMac 2020” is actually the change to nano glass; As this material scatters light “at the nanometer level” in an attempt to eliminate reflections and glare when used,

even in direct sunlight, with a noticeable lack of reflections regardless of the type of lighting used.

Paying an extra $ 500 for nanofibre might not attract everyone, and standard glass still does a decent job of reducing distracting reflections.

the performance:

As this is an early practical review of the 27-inch “iMac 2020”; We did not have time to delve into the performance of the device.

However, first impressions are very encouraging; The device boots up quickly, as you would expect from a new “Apple” device, and the SSD with data transfer speeds of 3.4 GB / s is used pretty well.

The new 10th generation Intel processors should also give a good performance boost over previous models.

And if the increases in real-world performance reflect these claims, then this means that the new “iMac 2020” will really offer a significant improvement over its predecessor,

and this is particularly impressive given that it is launched at the same price as the previous model.

The new AMD Radeon Pro 5000 GPUs are also a big step up from the Radeon Pro Vega 48 GPUs in the previous iMac, and Apple promises up to 55% faster graphics performance.

The new iMacs also come with the Apple T2 Security Chip,

which provides fast data encryption and ensures that no software loaded during the boot process is tampered with.

There is an improved FaceTime HD camera with a 1080p camera,

Apple stresses that it does not make sacrifices when it comes to low-light performance only for additional pixels.

In fact, the T2 Security chip will help improve the image quality from the webcam,

as Apple claims, by using the image signal processor that controls tone mapping, exposure, and face detection as well.

There’s also a new studio-quality microphone array that,

along with the FaceTime HD webcam, will ensure you can be seen and heard in crystal clear quality in meetings and video calls.

As for the actual speakers of the 27-inch “iMac 2020”,

they are unchanged. The T2 Security chip will deal with a variable equalizer to improve sound quality, including deeper bass.

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